Yedoo Too Too

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A balance bike with many technical and ergonomic improvements for a safer, more comfortable and more fun ride. An easy way to improve balance and make an easy transition to a regular bike.

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  • Lightweight frame

    The idea behind this innovation was to get rid of every extra ounce of weight. This allowed us to make the TooToo Alu model with the aluminium frame the lightest balance bike in its category. Both mums and kids will appreciate the lower weight.

  • Greater seat height range

    We put in more options for setting the seat height so that children can use the balance bike almost as soon as they can walk until they make a smooth transition to a 16” child’s bicycle. The TooToo Alu model has even better parameters due to the innovative new two-position rear seat adjuster.

  • More room between seat and handlebars

    We changed the angle of the seat post so that the space between seat and handlebars grows when you raise the seat as your child grows.

  • New Yedoo seat

    The new seat design is ergonomic, lightweight and comfortable. The change in shape makes it easier for children to manoeuvre the bike and for parents to carry it.

  • New Yedoo hand grips

    The new hand grips are longer, easier and more comfortable to hold. In order to make them more resistant, we made the grips much thicker on the end, so they are less likely to break during a fall.

  • Innovative protective cover for the bike stem

    We used patented buttons instead of Velcro to help the cover stay on securely. The new protective cover design keeps your child safer in case of an accident.

  • Kenda tyres

    The tyres we use now are lighter and can be inflated to higher pressure. They also have an attractive design.

  • Reflective surfaces and new graphic design

    The catchy color combinations are now joined by reflective surfaces on both wheels (on models TooToo II and TooToo Alu).

  • Headset bearings

    Headset bearings with steering limiter is safer while riding and easier to maintain.